Why Ranger Recovery

I’m Michael, founder of Ranger Recovery and Restoration.

Years ago, I shared my very first day at a damage site with as co-worker who started at the company just six months earlier. Despite our inexperience, the company sent us in alone . . .
This irresponsible practice still happens today.
As I worked on more building and gained more experience, I decided something must change.
As an Army Ranger, I am inclined to live our mantra, “Lead the Way.”
At Ranger Recovery and Restoration, we lead our industry in quality and care, bringing a military-inspired precision to each detail in the recovery process.
We know that you searching on our website means you likely have been through a lot already. We also know that we don’t simply “work” on properties.

We rebuild homes, restore livelihoods, and return your peace of mind.

Our company started because we observed too many companies doing the bare minimum instead of treating each building as if it were their own. We understand you need someone with experience, someone with experience , someone you can trust. Ranger holds over 15 years of experience in all areas of restoration. We also ensure our staff are certified and a site supervisor is on site location for each project, continuously leading and reviewing every detail.
Our long track record of providing excellent service and quality work makes us a leader in the damage and restoration industry. With impeccable work it is easy to see why we are the top choice for restoration in Colombiana, Ohio and the surrounding area.</p>
We know that disaster can strike at any time. Our technicians are always prepared to come to you when you need us the most, at any time of the day or night.
We are ready to earn your business every day, and we pride ourselves on providing fast and efficient service to return you to your comfort as soon as possible

When chaos strikes, Rely on Ranger.

Or, if you want to be less subtle with the veteran-restoration connection, you can use this version: When chaos strikes, you need someone combat-ready. Rely on Ranger.

This is the Ranger Difference/The Ranger Way to Restoration:

  • Every technician is certified because excellence matters.
  • Site supervisors oversee every location because accountability matters.
  • We bring over 15 years of recovery knowledge because experience matters.
  • We remain response-ready 24/7 because service to our community matters.
  • We take pride in our compassion because service to our community matters.

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Service Area

Ranger Recovery and Restoration offers 24/7 Emergency Water and  Fire Damage Restoration. We also offer Storm Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation & Disinfection Services. We proudly serve Boardman,  Youngstown and the following cities in OH