Dishwasher Overflow Cleanup & Drying in Boardman & Youngstown, OH

One of the common reasons for water damage in a home is due to dishwasher overflow. Using too much detergent or an internal failure might cause your dishwasher to overflow, leading to widespread water damage inside your house. But, worry not, because Ranger Recovery & Restoration has got your back. We offer extensive water damage restoration including moisture inspection, water extraction, structural drying, and more. 

If your dishwasher overflows and damages its surrounding, call us at 330-278-8287 for a rapid recovery.

Ways That Your Dishwasher May Overflow

  • Too Much Detergent – A consumer dishwasher is not completely waterproof and putting too much detergent will create excessive suds and result in a controllable overflow. This sudsy water dangerously damages wooden floors when it comes in contact.
  • Water Inlet Valve Malfunction  – An inlet valve allows water to go in and out of your dishwasher. A faulty valve might not close at all and allow water to pour in continuously. Eventually, the dishwasher overflows, releasing water outside.
  • Defective Float Switch – A safety mechanism inside the dishwasher cuts off water intake at a safe level to prevent overflow. However, if the float switch or sensor malfunctions, water flows without any boundaries, resulting in an overflow.

Dishwasher Leak & Mold Damage in Maximo & Bunola

Dishwashers, sometimes develop hidden leaks that are not easily noticed. These slow dripping leaks persist for a long time without you even knowing about them. Gradually, mold may grow and create a musty smell along with an environment filled with mold spores which are both harmful for your property and family’s health; especially in people with breathing difficulties. 

The specialist at Ranger Recovery & Restoration, however, is prepared with state-of-the-art equipment for effective mold remediation services. Our IICRC certified team has the experience and expertise to effectively remove underlying mold infestations from a dishwasher leak. Moreover, we also offer mold prevention services so that you stay safe from mold growth when a dishwasher overflows in your home. 

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When you are faced with an emergency dishwasher overflow, the wisest thing you can do to quickly recover from the water damages is to call Ranger Recovery & Restoration. We are available 24/7 for help in Maximo, New Castle, Farmdale, Youngstown, and more cities throughout our service area in Ohio & Pennsylvania.

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